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To Educate and Advocate
Welcome to our Resource Page. On this page are links to various resources for condo owners, boards of directors and managers. Hopefully these resources will help you to better understand what condo living is all about, to help you keep up to date with the latest developments, your rights and responsibilities and what you need to know and do to be part of a great Board of Directors. If you are involved with condos, this resource page is for you.
Let's begin with the CCI which stands for the Canadian Condominium Institute. There are several CCI chapters across Canada. In Ontario, there are two chapters. There is the Golden Horseshoe Chapter and the Grand River Chapter (CCI-GRC). We in Brant, Cambridge, Waterloo and Wellington and the immediate surrounding areas are members of the Grand River Chapter. The CCI has over 700 Corporations in Southern Ontario representing over 100,000 unit owners.

If you want to be ready for the future in the condominium world, your corporation should belong to the CCI. They have a wonderful magazine called Condo World which is published 3 times a year (Spring, Summer and Fall). Click here if you would like to see the current issue. If your corporation is a member of the CCI, you get access to all the back issues.

We believe that education is the key to keeping abreast of all things condo and the CCI offers quality courses by experts in the field. If your community is a member of the CCI, you receive member rates to all conferences. Check our Events page for the latest CCI conferences and workshops or click on the CCI logo to visit the CCI website for all the information and member benefits.

The CCI has a video series on their website touching upon an array of topics of interest for those involved in - or thinking about becoming involved in - condominium communities. For example, included among the topics in the video series are the following:

Season 1:

  1. Why Live In a Condo
  2. The Right Fit
  3. Owner Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Interpreting Status Certificates
etc. There are 12 videos in total

Season 2:
  1. What is a Condo?     
  2. Why Should I Attend the AGM?
  3. What do Condominium Boards Do?
  4. What does the Manager Do?
  5. Rule Enforcement
etc. There are 8 in total

Click here to go to the CCI video page to watch these videos or to see all the titles. There are a lot of videos to choose from.
As the logo suggest, this website is for Condo Managers. The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario was formed to represent the collective aims of all condominium managers. ACMO’s Mission is to enhance the condominium management profession in Ontario by advancing the quality performance of condominium property managers and management companies. ACMO provides formal educational programs which, coupled with experience and successful completion of an exam, culminate in the well known Registered Condominium Manager (R.C.M.) designation. Click on the above logo to visit the ACMO website.
Another great way to keep up to date on what is going on is through some well known condo blogs. One of them is called the Ontario Condo Law Blog published by GMA (Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP Barristers & Solicitors). This is Canada’s first and foremost law blog devoted to condominium issues. Condo managers, directors and unit owners should read this blog for timely and topical news, information and analysis on condo law in the Province of Ontario. You can also receive their blogs by email. This way when they do send out a blog, you won't miss it. Click here or on the logo to visit the Ontario Condo Law Blog.
Two other links:

  1. Condo Information Centre for owners and future owners. This site is designed to help condo owners understand their rights and responsibilities, the problems that can emerge, and how condos “work,” both physically and politically.

  2. The Condominium Act, 1998
Another great blog and a must read is from Michelle Kelly, a partner in Sutherland Kelly LLP in Guelph. As it states on the logo above, Michelle writes a blog about condominium law in Ontario for those in the condominium industry-- in other words for us owners, directors, property managers and other professionals in the condo industry. These are very informative and well-written blogs. Click here or on the logo to visit Michelle's blog where you can also sign up to receive notification of new blogs by email.
To Educate and Advocate
And don't forget us, the BCCA. You are on the BCCA website. Check our Events page for all up coming events. And we are here to help you as well. Just go to our Home page for the details and our Contact page to contact any of us.
One of special guests at a BCCA meeting was a team from Winmar Property Restoration Specialists who spoke on the topic of Emergency Preparedness. A great deal of their excellent presentation is included at the end of the October 4, 2017 BCCA minutes on our Minutes page, but you can also click here for the entire PowerPoint presentation . At the end of the presentation are forms that Winmar has created to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan for your complex or to record the information you need to have on hand (not lost in a pile of paper or a filing cabinet) for your own unit!

        Are you confused?

​Wilson Blanchard Management
 has written a number of excellent plain language articles on the recent legistlative changes concerning Condo Corporations.

These articles were written for Directors of Boards and condo owners and can be found in their Special Edition Winter 2018 flyer called Condo Connection. The BCCA has received permission from Wilson Blanchard Management to place this flyer on our website.

If you find some of the updates to the Condominium Act confusing then let this plain language summary of a number of the recent changes take out the confusion. Also included is an article on additional changes still coming.
Click here to download your 8 page copy of "Condo Connection."