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About our April 3, 2019 Board Meeting

Our guest speaker was Gerry Van Dyk of Purenvironmental. Be sure to read his presentation in the minutes on how to rid your home of odours!  Anyone buying a condo or house where there have been pets or who is sensitive to odours might want to consider having the entire house treated before moving in.    
About our May 1, 2019 Board Meeting

You may have seen a lot of yellow and orange lines on sidewalks and flags on lawns throughout Brantford.  Bell crews (or their contractor's crews) have been installing fibre optic cable.  Our guests at the May 1 meeting were from FTTH Brownfield, the company contracted by Bell to install the cable. In the minutes you can read about what they are doing, how it will impact your condo property and what your condo board can do to be involved.